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Funeral Clowns

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E-mail from China [22 Apr 2003|03:22pm]

[ mood | upset ]

Yeah. Hate




AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hate hate hate.
Hate hate
Hate hate hate

*hits something*

No really, this is frustrating. I'm willing to put the fucking plane ticket on visa, but I don't how Dean (Teacher there) says

You will find here in China you can never really trust anything Chinese say to you.

and then

She wanted me to see if it is possible for you to borrow the money form you parents or someone then wire the money back when you first get to Daqing.

What the hell does that mean? No, really! What the hell does that mean?

Save me. (please)

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[08 Feb 2002|06:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

~The lake, version 2~

Shades of blue, black and green, swirl.
Each drop, joined together.
Countless drops, form together and make the lake.
Each drop is a person.
The lake is life.
We drift through its waters,
and always have. Our faces breath the air of life.
We see the blue sky, the green trees, the sun shines on our heads, that is life.
Our heads and faces only stay on the surface for so long.
Then we are pulled under against our will.
Forced to sub-merge.
With no light and with no oxygen.
Each of us are floating skeletons, in the lake of life. Floating and drifting for a short while. Then we sink. We sink to the bottom with Noahs ark
Soon the surface turns to the bottom.
The dark, grungy, moldy bottom.
We lay at the bottom with all the other rotting skeletons.
We lay at the bottom forever.
We lay at the bottom for all-time, decomposing.
And there is God, fishing in his boat.
Smoking his pipe, With his yellow rain cap on his head, twirling his long white beard with his fingers, laughing at all the sinking people.
We all sink to the bottom, where Lucifer-the first of the fallen lays
Lucifer was the first drop
All the Christians are fish
Gullible little fish The bible is Gods bait God lowers the Bible on a hook, underwater
The fish bite Gods bait They are hooked, through the mouth
Violently jerked to the surface
Beat over the head, with Gods club
God then guts them with his knife, and throws there guts and innards back in the lake
God loves the taste of fish, especially gullible ones who bite
God fries and cooks his little fishes on his boat
Wether you want to bite or not, is your choice. ~end~

I did this version not because Im an atheist, but because Im a Christian, I thought that this would be a good perspective to view things in however this is not how I always feel

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Sure this can go here. [20 Jan 2002|02:02am]

If you listen to Aphex Twin for long enough youll sure to find yourself in this zone where even when the music is off these gameboy sounds are going off none stop. You look around to see nothing out of the ordinary, but you keep twitching when some of the beats go off in your head. You dont just twitch on the insideor at least it doesnt feel that way. You feel your whole body twitch as if your about to have this massive seizure. (Wow I spelled seizure right without needing spell check!) An hour later the music stops in your head and youre left with two decisions. You can either go back to turning the music on to return you to your former state and zone out for the rest of the day, or you can go the bathroom to look in the mirror at what you have become.

I love reading anything by Chuck Palahniuk because self improvement is masturbation, but only when it is an attractive option. You know youre really enjoying yourself when youve turned your rampage of self improvement into a mission that has anything having to do with you compromising getting torn to shreds.

Then there are some of us that dont feel that self improvement is needed at all while at the same time people would think otherwise. These people, who dont know who the hell they are who just point and explain what a disgrace to yourself youve turned out to be when they dont even know who the hell they are, all they know is that youre wrong, and that you have a lot of room for improvement.

I know who I am I know that for sure I just dont know if I know how to be me. For the most part that has nothing to do with how I show myself to others, but how I act upon ideas that come into my head. For the last month there have been a lot of ideas that Ive been working hard at getting together but it still seems as if they will never come to life.

Its like there is this huge forest fire burning high in the sky. Youre the only fire fighter because all the others are busy in Australia helping put those fires out. (Are they out yet?) So its like youre the only fire fighter and they gave you a little dinky fire hose to put out this huge fire. You cant just wait for the fire to burn itself out. (The fire would represent the idea, and if the fire burns out then the idea is lost like most ideas that pop into my head.) Instead I have to find a way to control this fire with a little dinky fire hose. The dinky fire hose being my very limited brain capacity.

So really, who the hell are you?
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Here is the story I did when I was 9, its the one about the kid who touches himself... : ) [13 Jan 2002|07:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Once upon a time there was this mother, and she had a son that was 7. Well this boy was at the age where he liked to tough himself... so his mother told him not to, but he did it any way, so she took out a stake knife and cut his penis off, and the boy was just screaming, she then cut toe penis up into little pieces, and deep fried them in a pan, she ate them and enjoyed them. The little boy was in such a panic that he ran and fell down the stairs and died. And everyone lived happily ever after, THE END...... by Daniel Sear... p.s. I dont think that it will be getting published :).

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PEE WEE [08 Dec 2001|06:20pm]

[ mood | hyper ]


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... [28 Nov 2001|10:48am]

I want a nifty baton stick thingy so that I can snap someones sternum and someone elses collarbone.
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Ding dong. [27 Nov 2001|12:41am]

I just wrote this huge fucked up story about "Tom Danderly" who is this guy with a really fucked up sword... it was awsome... it was an expression of how angry I was... then I pressed submit and it didnt go through and I pressed back and it was lost. I was that mad... now I want to do that X2... it was a really gory story. I'm so mad... now everyone go watch "Invader zim' and imagine me as "Grr" but I'm compitent, pissed off, and dark red... and I have these skill saws on my hands.... and I like running around with my eyes closed in large crowds. Yes... that would be I.
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[25 Nov 2001|05:38pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

This too could make a good icon:

If we did use it we'd have to credit her.


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I was messing around with Adobe Photoshop... [25 Nov 2001|12:34am]

[ mood | creative ]

and I decided that this community really needed an icon:

Hope you people like it!

20 Brownie Points if you can guess who the picture is originally of.

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Who else wants to try this? [19 Nov 2001|08:13pm]

[ mood | considering it over break ]

I remember a time when she a saucer with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and table salt. She put the saucer on the kitchen table, turned out all the lights, and had me sit facing her across the table.

And then she touched off the mixture with a match. The flame was almost pure yellow, a sodium flame, and it made her look like a corpse to me, made me look like a corpse to her.

"There--" she said, "That's what we'll look like when we're dead."

-Kurt Vonnegut Mother Night (26)

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Worms. [18 Nov 2001|09:36pm]
We crawl down here in the dirt;
The darkness keeps us warm.
We eat the waste, we swim in death,
Were quite comfortable below.

Us little subterraneans,
Were accustomed to our lives
Of squirming and hiding down here.
We dont like to surface much.

But when it rains, we rise.
We want to test ourselves
To see if we can be cleansed,
Only to dissolve in the purity.
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Pervert (it's about time I posted here again). [15 Nov 2001|01:43am]
juggerdan's feeling really sore lately. Nothing's going his way.

He asked a few girls out, but was turned down in each case. So, he decided to resort to family. He asked out his cousin and aunt.

OK...so, there's nothing wrong with him trying to find a little love and acceptance. Is there anything really wrong with him searching for affection within his family?

From my perspective:
The reason that incest is taboo is because of genetic defects. If two family members decide to engage in sexual activities, it is fine as long as there are no offspring intended or produced.

Do you agree? Is there something moral that I'm missing?
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[11 Nov 2001|11:55am]

I refuse to let this forum die.

Stay tuned for another installment of The Thin Grey Line.


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[10 Oct 2001|07:54pm]

"[Revenge is] the sweetest thing there is.... People fuck with me...and Jesus Christ are they ever fucking sorry. i laugh like hell. I don't care if it's a guy or a dame. If the President of the United States fucked around with me, I'd fix him good. You should have seen what I did a to a dog one time. Son of a bitch bit me. So I got me some steak, and I got me the spring out of a clock. I cut that spring up in little pieces. I put points on the ends of the pieces. They were sharp as razor blades. I stuck 'em into the steak--way inside. And I went past where they had the dog tied up. He wanted to bite me again. I said to him, 'Come on, doggie--let's be friends. Let's not be enemies any more. I'm not mad.' He believed me. I threw him the steak. He swallowed it down in one big gulp. I waited around for ten minutes. Blood started coming out of his mouth. He started crying, and he rolled on the ground, as though the knives were on the outside of him instead of the inside of him. Then he tried to bite out his own insides. I laughed, and I said to him, 'You got the right idea now. Tear you own guts out, boy. That's me in there with all those knives.'" (Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Pg. 139)
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The Sun Dance. [09 Oct 2001|01:56pm]

[ mood | blank ]

The sun dance was the greatest religious ceremony of the Plains Indians. It was held every summer and lasted four days and four nights. The participants went without food and water and danced for many hours. Their purpose was too secure the help and support of the supernatural powers. Towards the end of the ceremony the dancers attached rawhide ropes through slits cut in their chest. The ropes were attached to a pole and the dancing continued until they were torn loose from the flesh. Any dancer who had a vision or heard voices was thought to be favoured by the spirits.

Question one:
How might someone from contemporary Western society see the sun dance ceremony described above?

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::TO SET OF BOMB PRESS BUTTON ON MY NOSE:: [01 Oct 2001|01:07am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Thats it its official... I have found a category that I can be classified into. You could defiantly call me an idealist.

Ive decided that there are too many fuck up parents out there that are too busy thinking about themselves when they should be considering their offspring.

I think it would be cool if you had to get a license to be in General society. In general society you would be applicable for all government benefits, be able to leave or enter the country, be able to work for a company that is registered with the general society and a bunch of other things like that. If you have a kid and you dont have the license you get kicked out of General society and you live by pretty much no laws. There will be psychological tests, background checks on addictions, diseases and other things for the person trying to get the license. (Physical appearance not having anything to do with it.) Think of the movie Gatticia! Yeah! But we wouldnt measure how long your going to live.

I think this would totally reek of goodness because all of the stupid material money grubbing parents would have to get their shit together. It seems that most of them have the kid give them something to play with, and for the most part stay out of their life for the most part unless they want to hear nothing but insults that derive from their own frustrations with their own problems inside them.

Not even these foster parents are any good these days. I hear way too many cases of the kids getting the shit beaten out of them by the parents at a young age or sexually molested. That just shows how weak of screen tests they do. These people have frustrations so they adopt a child living in poverty. They give the kid a couple of toys, food, a place to sleep, clothing, etc. So the parents then beat the shit out of the kids rape them worse things have been done in British Columbia at first the child thinks that its ok because they are getting a home in return but by the age of 18 they start thinking otherwise usually they come out into the public feeling afraid and shitty for being abused for 10 years. These foster parents are just as useless as the ones that give nothing but negative support to their own children.

Ive come to the conclusion that I know at least 23 people with parents such as these and I hope they die slowly, painfully, and in IMENSE fear of where they believe they are about to go to.

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[26 Sep 2001|02:00pm]

[ mood | amused ]

The Thin Grey Line III
or "Sex, Drugs, and Blowing Up Schools."</b>

I don't really have that much to say this afternoon, so I'll try to get right to the point. I'm also considering moving The Thin Grey Line over to a more permanent base on my Livejournal. I'm not too certain yet. Let me know what you think, and I'll make a decision based on that.

"They listened to KMFDM!!! We should KILL KMFDM!!!"
Shut up. Jesus, the 'Trenchcoat Mafia'. Let's just call them 'the Columbine Crazies.' At least that way we avoid putting people into a stereotype that may be somewhat inaccurate. Like, say, Afghanistan. Boy, were those guys FUCKED (the Columbine Crazies, not the Afghanis, but that's up for debate). They had all those guns, all those pipe bombs, and they didn't set them all off. They could have caused so much more damage, but they didn't - and people still think they're horrible people. Think of it - they had enough explosives to destroy the school AND a large chunk of Colorado, but they didn't. They killed themselves instead - a great act of 'mercy', if you look at it from the twisted angle of a kid who spent ten years of his life being ridiculed. I mean, it was a horrible act, but it could've been a lot worse, and I'm glad that it wasn't. I thank them for NOT finishing what they planned out.

Sex is good. No, wait, I take that back. Sex is great. In fact, I'd recommend it to anyone, so long as they can afford the $1.20 for a condom or some other contraceptive. And granted that they don't go seek it out on young people, unwilling people, or animals. I'm down with inanimate objects, though. Follow some basic 'common sense' guidelines, people. Celibacy? Sure, if you want. I'm not here to change opinions. I'm just sharing mine. Sex is wonderful, and I recommend it to anyone -- given they have contraceptives on hand.

Kevin? Kevin? Kevin? Kevin...? Kevin. Kevin? Kevin...? Kevin. ... ... Pass the joint.
This one was bound to come up. I'm pretty anti-drug, really. I've got my exceptions, though. I'll smoke if I need to clear my mind -- I know, it does the opposite, but the experience itself DOES allow you to think clearly from time to time. If your mind's filled with useless drivel from the day, you end up getting 'tunneled thoughts' -- you can only actually think of ONE thing at a time (while high); it can help. I don't approve of crack, heroin, LSD, shrooms, or any of that shit -- that stuff'll warp you for life. Alcohol, on the other hand, I'm okay with -- in moderation. I'll drink when I can, but I'll never drive. I'm okay with cigarettes, but I try to keep it down myself.

Turn that infernal racket OFF!
God almighty, whatever happened to the 80's? At least music then was good. Industrial, punk, ska, hardcore, 80's pop ... ANYTHING but today's music. I can't stand rap, I loathe rap-metal -- yes, Limp Biskit, this means you -- and I definitely can't deal with today's pop music. Thanks, guys, I'll stick with Atom and His Package, NOFX, Reel Big Fish, Great Big Sea, Against All Authority, Face to Face, Nine Inch Nails, A-Ha, The Proclaimers, New Order, Simple Minds, early God, Bush(x), Dropkick Murphy's, GWAR, R.E.M, Propaghandi, Suicide Machines, Choking Victim, David Bowie, Less Than Jake, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Seal, The Trio, Goldfinger, Me First and the Gimme Gimmies, The Tragically Hip, Counting Crows, and Schwa. Alone Cannot You It Resist.

Didn't I touch on sex already? Fuck you.
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Stut up Bush [20 Sep 2001|12:44am]

[ mood | FRANTIC ]

Well I was going to write something huge on this topic, but Ive decided that Im too pissed off over this whole thing to do something like ten pages over what has been going on. So what am I going to do? Ill make it much shorter!

Im pissed off at how mad people are at Afghanistan. Seeing it on TV 24/7 is total bullshit. Why? Lets see some guys from the Middle East bomb USA and thats a BAD thing so what does USA do back? They bomb them back! Way to make a fucking point of who is good! Im not saying that you should just sit there and take it like a man like 99% of most stupid males do. But really USA wants to go in there, bomb the shit out of them, and leave them in a pool of blood like they did with Yugoslavia and Iraq. What is a smarter thing to do? Well why not occupy the area and help reform the government into a proper functioning democracy you stupid assholes!! If you fight for democracy then why do you want to kill all of these innocent people? Its going to be nothing new to them! 9/10 of the people who will die will be innocent... probably more than that actually. But its not going to be anything new to these people. They are used to being raped, beaten, murdered, and bombed. Youre just doing to them the same thing that their government and their terrorist groups do to them. Its like your joining in on their sick game to take out stress. Its fucking bullshit.

This stupid Bush guy reminds me of Nates friend Dan so much. When Dan is in his 50s I could see him addressing a nation as Bush does. (Yeah but Dan might not need the queue cards.) He has been waiting for this. A lot of people are suggesting that he helped organize this with one of the federal agencies just so that he could show his daddy what a man he is when he goes to war. I dont believe it but if it came to light as truth I wouldnt be the least bit surprised.

Back to the bombing. Yes so when EVIL AFGANISTAN bombs us its SOOOOOO bad but when we do it back its some kind of ethnic cleansing. You wouldnt believe how much profanity Ive been erasing here! This is nothing but complete bullshit! Americans cant hate the black people anymore so they are looking for a fucking religion to discriminate against! Just look at USA now! Hundreds of people from the Middle East have been slaughtered and over 1,000 have been beaten! Their churches have been vandalized and its getting worse.

There was a time that I was going to write this in a neutral perspective, but that time has passed. Ive been exposed to way too much bullshit and it has me hoping that USA fucks up and gets slaughtered in the Middle East. There was a time when I had tons of reasons of why Americans are so proud, and why they feel this need to be such internationalists and why they feel they need to be in everyones face. But do you know what? Im an opinionated bitch and Im not going to say. Why? Because Im not cheering for that team.

So back to the religion thing so we have these white Christians with these beliefs that came from the Hindu set of beliefs and they are trying to fight the Muslims who have been around longer than Christians as well. I have one thing to say about the difference between Christians and Muslims. At least one of them is actually serious about their beliefs. I wouldnt doubt it for a second that there IS such a higher rate of people faithful to their faith in Muslims than in Christians. Why? Because in the Middle East almost everyone is poor and all they have are their family and their religion. This stupid white folk here in North America do not know what it means to suffer. We dont know what it means to be poor and we defiantly dont know what it means to be faithful to a religion.

There so this was a very short rant which was created to kill stress from really shitty cash out that took an hour tonight I got back into shaving my head I just missed seeing the skin. Ive had Deftones in my head alllllllll day as well. Ive gotten soooo many DVDs as of late right now I have currently getting:

Eyes wide shut
Remember the titans
Independence Day
Saving private Ryan
5th element
o brother, where art thou?

As of late I have grabbed:

12 monkeys
Street fighter zero
Ghost in the shell
Mission impossible 2
Erin Brokovach
Silence of the lambs

As for software nothing is really new well actually wat work we had this clearance and I got civilization 2 multiplayer, a new mouse (info-red) worms 2, a Christianity encyclopedia, quake 2, Brave heart game and a couple of others. Then yesterday I got these new pants at winners and I think they look great on me. They are these jet black chords.

I also heard that.


Man that would kick ass to go see Maynard I wonder if he will do another CD with APC?? The future will tell and where the hell is this NIN DVD dammit?!?!

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Hmph. [13 Sep 2001|11:46pm]

I've just pissed my pants.

...and there's nothing any of you could do about it.
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I don't like me. I love myself right now. Everything. [13 Sep 2001|01:47am]

[ mood | lighter burns and knifepoints ]

I want something to happen now. Forget war -- I'm not asking for war -- I just want someth;;;23.....

forget grammar now. can't get point through with grammar now.
burning people jumped from a building
they choose a highspeed impact to a slow burn
i've had a slow burn. hold the slow burn under your arm. see?

the building fell into itself, glory of one hundred ten floors |in|to one hundred ten floors.
moments before the great collapse, | the wretched | jumped from the top.
how amazing it must have been to realize your mortality and jump anyways |
f(all of you) to your death(s) into the gaping concrete gravestreet.

the planes glide so gracefully to the buildings
it's like a movie, it was a movie, it was on tv
there were people in those planes, and they knew what was happening
before {everyone} did these passengers understand.

buy a ticket in boston for a flight into history, $499 and no returns.
witness the decline of the great empire from inside your coach seating.
complementary roundabout of the final destination before you collide with destiny.
call your loved ones first, tell them you're going to move a great many people before you die.

it rained ashes. i think that's beautiful. touching, almost, touching me
the falling sky is your loved ones, the falling sky is your loved ones

it rained ashes from the world's heart today, and i think it's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.
hold me.

---Karl Germyn, September 13th, 2001.

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